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Customer Testimonials

"We got the unit in this morning and are already doing our first test with it, and what a sweet little unit it is! Everyone has been gethering around it and is amazed with the performance of it. It stabilizes so fast and maintains to the degree."

T.S., Anritsu, Inc.


"So far, we have found the device to be superior in function, easier to use and more cost effective than other options. It speaks volumes that you would reach out to receive our feedback, by the way. Bravo!"

A.B., Bauman Medical


"We were extremely appreciative of the opportunity to try the TECA Cascaded Cold Plate system. We will certainly mention your product to any colleagues who do more frequent dissection work. It was incredibly kind of you to offer the loaner and to take the trouble to make sure that it worked properly for our application."
"We used the system to facilitate dissection. It was important for us to maintain the integrity of the specimen during dissection. Working in a lab at normal room temperature, we found that a constant temperature of -18C was ideal for this work. It would have been impossible to maintain such a precise temperature outside of a cryostat without the TECA cold plate. It was immensely easier to perform the dissection on the TECA cold plate, and of course also much easier to wipe down the cold plate than to clean a cryostat. We would recommend the TECA cold plate system to any scientist who needs to dissect frozen tissue in any precise manner. Anyone who was doing this regularly would find it an excellent investment because of the time and trouble it saves."

D.L., Stanford University


"We enjoyed our visit to TECA; thanks. The TECA team was very nice and helpful. We really appreciate your assistance!!"

H.H. and K.Y., University of Chicago


"Wow! You guys are responsive. I wish all our suppliers were like you."

J.H., Eastman Kodak


The system works very well, we reached -50°C in 30min! Personally I like the design and footprint!

G.S., ThalesNano


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