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Thermal Lab Beads™

Replacing lab bath water or ice with tecaLAB™ Thermal Lab Beads™ greatly reduces both the risk of contamination and the maintenance associated with traditional baths.

tecaLAB™ Thermal Lab Beads™ are an alternative to water or ice as used in traditional lab baths and ice buckets. Made of high purity aluminum, our beads are included in tecaLAB™ Electric Ice Bucket products and are available for sale separately. The beads are less susceptible to contamination compared with water. Using tecaLAB™ Thermal Lab Beads™ in place of water can eliminate a common source of sample contamination thus preventing loss of materials and data. Samples easily slide into the beads and remain in place until you move them- no more floating samples. They provide stable support for most glass and plastic sample vessels, eliminate racks and reduce messy dripping water. tecaLAB™ Thermal Lab Beads™ are environmentally friendly. They are made of recyclable material, they eliminate the need to use harmful germicides to clean the bath and they are more energy efficient to use than water.

When tecaLAB™ Thermal Lab Beads™ are used in place of water or ice, baths can be left on indefinitely. There is no worry about melting ice, burn out from evaporating water or frequent bath cleaning. Beads rarely require cleaning. Ideal for cell culture and other life science and laboratory applications.

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• High purity aluminum composition is naturally microbial resistant
• Approximate oblate spheroid, 5-8 mm dia. by 1-2 mm height
• Rounded, smooth surface
• High thermal conductivity
• Reliable: maintains greater temperature uniformity than water
• Organization: samples are supported at any angle without racks
• Convenience: bath stays clean and filled
• Low maintenance: no need to frequently empty, clean & fill lab bath water
• Always on: no warm up wait time, no water evaporation concerns
• Safe: eliminates possible fire hazard, prevents burns from hot dripping water
• Environmentally friendly: recyclable & no germicides needed
• More energy efficient than water to thaw, warm, chill & incubate samples
• Gas and moisture impermeable
• -80 C to 180 working temperature
• Compatible with most dry bath incubators
• Helps protect from waterborne contaminants
• Prevents data and materials loss caused from contamination
• Reduces the mess of dripping water
• Non-combustible
• Not recommended for autoclaving

Recommended Maintenance:
Clean tecaLAB™ Thermal Lab Beads™ once or twice a month as needed. Wash with mild dish detergent and water, light rinse/spray with non-oxidizing disinfectant (ethanol) then dry completely. Avoid bleach, strong detergents, acids and bases.

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1 liter: $99
4 liters: $309
8 liters: $549

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