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AHP-1800CPV Cold/Hot Plate
The CPV family of cold/hot plates fill the need for direct contact cooling on your bench top without the need for messy, imprecise ice-baths. The CPV models have a home in Biochemical, Petrochemical and Electronics laboratories for precise cooling and control of samples and products.
For better control and more control features the Laboratory CPV Cold/Hot plates are the best choice. Each includes an integral PWM temperature controller, USB comms port and TECA’s remote sensibility which gives the user the option of using a separate RTD sensor at or in their load or the RTD built into the cold plate. The software allows complete control from your computer. Programming and data logging along with a graphical representation of the test are regular features. Ramp and soak, Time vs Temperature profiles are easily created and downloaded.

electric ice tray

• Cools and heats (-15 °C to 90 °C)
• Precision machined cold plate surface 13.3” X 12.8”
• Stainless Steel threaded inserts
• Easy clean stainless steel cap
• 100-240 VAC universal input
• Low-profile design with ergonomic sloped front
• PWM speed controlled fans for quiet operation
• Compact bench top unit, 18.5” X 15.1” footprint
• No compressor, fluorocarbons or filters.
• Virtually maintenance-free operation
• Painted enameled stainless steel exterior housing
• Rubber feet, non scratch
• Adaptable to various surfaces/coverings
• Many standard accessories

AHP-1800CPV 9-04KB-1-0A0 Cool/Heat Smooth Surface 100-240 5.0-2.5 0-40
AHP-1800CPV 9-04KB-1-TAP Cool/Heat 6-32 Tap Pattern 100-240 5.0-2.5 0-40
AHP-1800CPV 9-04KB-1-MET Cool/Heat M3 Tap Pattern 100-240 5.0-2.5 0-40

peltier cold plate, peltier hot plate

Price: $6840, quantity discount available

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