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tecaLAB™ Thermal Lab Beads™:

Replacing lab bath water or ice with tecaLAB™ Thermal Lab Beads™ greatly reduces both the risk of contamination and the maintenance associated with traditional baths.

Electric Ice Tray:

Ideal for life science researchers and other laboratory applications, tecaLAB™ Electric Ice Tray is an affordable option for easy bench top cooling. Simply plug it in and get cooling within minutes.


Electric Ice Bucket:

The Electric Ice Bucket can replace the traditional laboratory ice bath. Reliable Peltier technology facilitates easy bench top cooling. Immerse vials of any shape into the bath of aluminum Thermal Lab Beads™ (instead of water or ice). Samples stay cold and organized- no more floating samples!

Stirring Ice Bucket:

The Stirring Electric Ice Bucket, ICE-STIR, is a bench top product that cools vessels below ambient temperature while maintaining mix using magnetic stir bars. The stirring bath uses aluminum Thermal Lab Beads™ instead of water to conduct the heat away from your beaker or vial and magnetic stir rods to stir the contents.

  "We would recommend the TECA cold plate system to any scientist who needs to dissect frozen tissue in any precise manner. Anyone who was doing this regularly would find it an excellent investment because of the time and trouble it saves."
D.L., Stanford University
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